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Client Reviews

Kereah exhibits all the elements you want in an editor: she is attentive to the material, respectful of the author’s vision, fearless in her critiques, and wondrously supportive. If you are looking for an editor that will challenge you as a writer, who will push you to consider ideas that maybe you were afraid to touch, then Kereah is the proper choice. She tackled developmental edits on my 170k word manuscript—a manuscript I otherwise considered complete—and brought to bear commentary that enlightened and encouraged me to consider big changes; changes I might not otherwise have pulled the trigger on by myself. Now, one book has become three, and I couldn’t be more inspired and excited to continue my journey on this project… and I’m looking forward to collaborating with her again, on these and future manuscripts

Vince S.

I hired [Kereah] to edit my manuscript after getting more than thirty agent rejections. I knew changes were needed, but lacked the objectivity to see what wasn't working. [Her] keen eye for both the details and the big picture helped me see the things that needed improvement, polishing, or just plain deleting. She also saw the parts that shine, and made sure to tell me. Her critiques and suggestions were clear but kind, and her turnaround time -- for a 99,000 word manuscript -- was less than two weeks. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and I will be hiring her again when my next manuscript is ready

Nancy D.

I asked [Kereah] for help on chapters I was stuck on. She was excellent at spotting issues, and her suggested fixes were on point. I cannot recommend her enough!

Karissa L.

Book editing is such a crucial component in the craft of writing. Finding a good editor is a task on its own. I thank God for finding [Kereah] as an editor. She is kind yet strict. Her constructive criticism forges one's skill, but you never feel belittled. Her valuable help enriches the story, making it come to life from the page. It's like she breaths in fresh oxygen to our characters that sometimes we authors can't provide. I can't recommend her services enough.

Art B.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kereah. Her suggestions really helped to clarify sections of my manuscript as well as to correct errors. She completed it in a timely manner and was professional throughout. I would gladly work with her again.

Harmony H.

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